• The ONLY edging you can cut on the ground without lifting
  • "CUT on THE GO" - No Need To Pre-Measure or Pre-Cut anymore!
  • One Piece Does all - Comes in Rigid Form, simply snip from ABOVE for curve
  • Heavy Duty Injection Molded Edging with Built in Connection System - No Clips Needed
  • Fastest install of any Rigid/Flexible System available
  • ELEVATED Snip/Cut Brace
  • Ideal for Green Roofs - no spikes required to connect the edging
  • 100% Recycled Material that carries a Lifetime Guarantee

Length: 8 ft (2.43 cm)  /  Height: 1.75" (4.44 cm)

Plastic Paver Edging
Aluminum Paver EdgingAluminum Paver EdgingAluminum Paver EdgingOptional RailspikingPlastic Paver ProfileFrost Friendly
This lifetime warranty applies to a lifetime of use by the original purchaser beginning on the date of purchase. It covers all defects in components and manufacturing workmanship. Deterioration of product due to abuse, loss, or usage in any manner not consistent with its original intent voids the warranty.